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Cooking for Kids:


"Thank you, Caitlin!  Such a great afternoon.  Amazing how cool and calmly you managed to cook so many different delicious dishes all while teaching kids how to make them...very impressive and so delicious.  F's favorite were the black cod and all of the desserts!  :)"


"Thank you, Caitlin, for such a nice evening.  M loved it and was very proud to show off the group’s creations! "


"Caitlin!!! Thank you very much for an amazing class. N enjoyed it very much and she did the dessert yesterday.”


"Fabulous fun, inspiring and great mother daughter bonding"


"Thank you Caitlin Verdier! It was awesome!”


Other Workshops:


"It was so much fun! You also inspired me to try new things and make up my own recipes with random ingredients that are collecting dust in our refrigerator and pantry!" (Sandy)


“So fun! Can’t wait to re-do this easy and delicious dinner!!” (Amy)


"What I liked most was how you incorporated the same main ingredient to make a kids and adult meal...very useful since I have young kids." (Therese)


"I found it amazing that we came up with the adult fish dish ourselves with no recipe. It beat all the fish dishes that I've had a local restaurants!" (Therese)


"I learned at least three classes worth of new things: shortcuts, combination ideas and the biggest 'ah ha' moment was that cooking doesn't have to be so exact or from recipes!" (Liz)


"It was the perfect combination of traditional meals and meals prepared spontaneously from ingredients at hand - showing us how simple it actually is to work with what you have." (Soldi)


“It was DIVINE! My tastebuds and tummy thank you Caitlin”. (Lesley)


“It was amazing! Beyond.” (Jill D)


“Great night and what a meal!! Caitlin you make it look so easy! Can't wait to try all this at home.” (Eliza)


“What a totally fun and delicious time. Caitlin works magic in the kitchen with ingredients we all have in our fridge/pantry. I'm a fan!” (Lisa)


“You are a true artist, Caitlin Verdier! Thank you for a fun and delicious evening!” (Kris)


“Beautiful. You are a culinary angel.” (Jill)


“I was lucky enough to sample all 3. That beet and goats cheese salad was the bomb.” (Shane)


“Great fun tonight. DELICIOUS. SO inspired. Another great evening with delicious food! Thanks Caitlin!” (Judith)


“It was so yummy! And not complicated to make at all.” (Yvette)


“Those Artichokes far exceeded my expectations of what they would be like having never had them.” (Jill C)


“Made the bean salad tonight with a few modifications only due to what I had in the pantry. Loving the chipotle, ginger, lime vinaigrette! I want to put it on everything. An amazing morning. Can’t wait for next week.” (Michelle)



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