Cooking for Kids 



Private 1:1 Lessons - Learn how to be a creative chef and cook dinner for your family!


Caitlin's Cuisine will teach you how to be inventive in the kitchen through a hands on cooking experience using seasonal ingredients. Each recipe will be made from scratch and will promote discovery and creativity while continually expanding your palate and exposing you to new tastes and cuisines. You will learn kitchen safety and cooking techniques as you improvise and 'make-up' delicious dinner recipes for your family. 


Parents must sign the waiver form before their child can attend.


Cost $250 for a two and a half hour session (includes instruction and a free apron).


Available weekdays from 5pm-7.30pm and weekends 3.30-6pm

Catering by On-Site Chefs

Let Caitlin and Joe come and cook for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home. Top quality delectable cuisine and presentation - better than any restaurant!

If you are interested in either of these services, please contact me.

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