Most workshops have no roadmap and become a fun and social group effort. They take place in the informal but convivial setting of my own kitchen with a maximum of six chefs per session. At the morning sessions, I provide coffee or mimosas and at the evening sessions, I provide wine. The sessions are about the whole cooking experience and we always sit down and eat what we make.


Here are some of the workshops I offer. They can be offered as a private class or a in a small group.


  • Mystery Ingredient

    • Everyone brings one ingredient from home and we use these to cook three delicious dishes which we then sit down and eat together. This teaches us to be flexible and imaginative while using well founded cooking techniques. If you like the Food Network show “Chopped”, these sessions are for you! Join me in a relaxed kitchen setting for a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Flexible Family Meals

    • Have you run out of ideas? Do mealtimes instill you with boredom or dread? Do you have fussy eaters? Come and learn some new, vibrant dishes that can be adapted to all the tastes in your family.

  • Easy Entertaining - A Dinner Party Menu

    • Master some fabulous but foolproof dinner party menus that will impress your guests and that you can use over and over again.

  • Themed Evenings for a Birthday Party or Book Group

    • Throw a cooking / eating evening for a friend. Does she love Thai food? I do most of it and then you help with a few sides. Then you all eat, drink and celebrate together. Your own private restaurant and chef.

  • Home Made Culinary Gifts

    • Beautiful and delectable but unique home made gifts. Perfect for teachers, friends and neighbors.

  • French Cuisine

    • Learn the magic of French cuisine from traditional classics to modern takes on this cultural heritage.

  • Catering & On-Site Chef

    • Let me prepare your food for you so all you have to do is heat it up. Or alternatively, let me come and cook for you and your friends in your home.



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